Epicurean Dust

Epicurean Dust. The Origin of Flavor.

Epicurean Dust flavors are all 100% natural made with only real fruit. Our fruit powder is a great way to add flavor and character to meals, desserts, and more. With nine fruit flavors to choose from, they make a great base or addition for glazes, smoothies, or sauces.
Use it for homemade candies or to add something new to an old favorite recipe. The possibilities are endless! All fruit dusts come conveniently packaged in Quarter, Half, and One-pound resealable bags and are ready for immediate shipping.
To order, just follow the link at the top of the page.

fruit_dust_recipe_smallThis section highlights some of our customer submissions of uses they’ve found for our Fruit Flavored Powder. A new recipe will be chosen every month, so send your recipe (including all ingredients) and it just might end up featured! Images or chef portrait are always great as well.

See Our Fruit Powder Recipe Here…

fruit_dust_flavors_smallTo see all the varieties of Epicurean Fruit Powder, follow the “Flavors” link. There are nine fruit flavors, all 100% natural. Get your fruit flavor varieties here…

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